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houwhatgraphics's Journal

Hou-What? Graphics
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Hou-What? Graphics

OHAYOU! I am Nika houfukuzettou and this is my graphics journal. This is where I will be posting my icons, banners (banners I've won too), headers, and maybe some other various stuff like icon requests...or even some of my fantastic drawings. XD

Possible Future FAQ's:

1. Can I use your blank icons as a base for my own icons?

No, not unless I say you can in the icon post. Any of my stock icons or blank icons are just that...stock and blank. I made it simple for a reason and they are not to be edited.

2. Can I post my own graphics here?

Sorry, but this is a place for just my graphics. The only person who has permission to post their graphics is catssyclaws and she's pretty adament that her stuff sucks which it doesn't.

3. Is there a place where I can make a request?

I don't have an official request entry and I'm not sure if I will. If I do have a request post it will be a once-in-a-blue-moon occassion.

4. What does houwhatgraphics mean?

Easy! People usually have a hard time spelling houfukuzettou as it is and they only get to the 'hou' part before blanking out. So I just took that first part, added a 'what' because of the confusion and slapped graphics on the end. Well...Chelly chicachellers told me to put graphics at the end. :/ And there you have it! XD

Crediting for the Crediting!Impaired:


freetimer_icons, divas_icontest, _wwe_divas, chicagraphics, inspirations100


1. Credit. Credit. CREDIT! That is the most important thing. I'm not stealing your graphics and not giving credit, so please don't do the same to me.

2. PLZ TO NOT BE HOTLINKING! If you want to use my icons, headers, banners so bad then go ahead and save it to your own computer and load it up onto your own photo sharing account such as: Photobucket and ImageShack and TinyPic. Did I mention they are free? Yeah, pretty awesome.

3. ZOMGZ U SUCK! Wow, really? Please don't leave any comments like that. If you don't like my graphics, that's cool. You can let me know if they fail, but you don't have to be mean about it. I like it when people critique my work, but there is a fine line between a polite critique and being a straight up douche.

4. Whatchu doin', Willis?! If you're snagging a bunch of my icons and whatnot, that's fine, be my guest. If you leave a comment saying you are "taking them all" then I have to sit here and question what the heck you're doing. If you are taking all my icons...which...okay thanks I guess...then at least let me know why. And don't steal my stuff either and say it is yours cause that's just not cool.